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Snow 302 Notebook

Friday, April 16th, 2010

My personal notebook made in preparation for the Snow 302 exam for the Apple Certified Specialist – Deployment 10.6 certification on Mac OS X Server 10.6 Snow Leoaprd.

Mac OS X Deployment v10.6

This notebook can be used complementary to the book Mac OS X Deployment v10.6 by Kevin M. White published by Peachpit Press.

SIU: Apply Computer Name and Local Hostname settings from a file

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Configuring a System Image Utility (SIU) Workflow you can include the Apply System Configuration Settings action.

This action includes few options, the most puzzling one is the one titled “Apply Computer Name and Local Hostname settings from a file” as there is no indication how the file should be formatted to be correctly interpreted by the workflow.

You can find a thread on the Apple Support page with few people discussing about it, there you will understand that the file format is composed by TAB separated elements in a mandatory order.

The order is MAC Address, hostname (fqdn or not), Computer name (optional), Bonjour name (optional).
If you don’t want to set a specific hostname, you can use -automatic- to “bypass” it.
The file content (plain text or Rich Text Format) will appear like:

00:2c:76:8d:28:3b -automatic- Computer 1 Computer 1
00:2c:76:8d:28:2b -automatic- Computer 2 Computer 2
00:2c:76:8d:28:1b -automatic- Computer 3 Computer 3