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July 18, 2011

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Hello guys,
I’ve been ‘off-line’ for a while, but I’m back now.

I’ve been working under-the-hood for a while on some interesting stuff about OpenDirectory, LDAP and Windows authentication, PAM , Netgear ReadyNAS, Egnyte cloud file service ad some other stuff.

I’ve also been busy with the preparation of my next travel to Australia, and I’ll open a dedicated page on this site about it and Minimalist Travel, solar charging bags for iPad, and iPhone and more.

Finally, I spent I little of time connection to a dedicated twitter account ‘MarcoMCdotCOM’ and to a dedicated page on Facebook on Facebook.

From now on I will post via Twitter the current activity I’ll be working on, with anticipations about the next articles. Those tweets will be shown in realtime on the sidebar of

Also, all new posts published on will be automatically linked on the Facebook page so if you will Like the page you’ll be notified immediately of new updated articles. By the way you can still achieve the same result subscribing to the RSS feed.

I apologize to all the people that have been posting on the blog and that had not yet received an answer to their request. If you are still in trouble send me a private message and I won’t miss to reply to it.

As last but bot least I want to congratulate to all the readers that have been active on the blog helping each other on sorting out problems of various genres that have kept alive the attention on many of the posts here published.
MANY THANKS, really!

I promise I’ll publish a lot of new stuff, really really soon!



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