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November 24, 2011

How-To Fix “Some of your photos were not copied to the iPad, iPhone, iPod because they cannot be displayed on your iPad, iPhone, iPod”

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It happens, fortunately not so frequently, that during the Photo synchronisation of my iDevices via iTunes I get an error about the copy of my pictures to my iPad or iPhone:

"Some of your photos, including the photo "IMX_xxxx",
were not copied to the ixxx because they cannot be displayed on your ixxx."

I notice that this problem comes out usually after an update or upgrade of Aperture, and having a look around the web it is not a problem isolated to Aperture but it also shows up when you use iPhoto and in rare cases also when you sync your pictures directly from the Pictures folder of your account.

The only solution that worked for me in the time and in different Macs has been to force a complete regeneration of the iPod Photo Cache (se References at the bottom).
According to what software, if any, you use to manage your pictures, you will need to remove the following folders:

  • If you synchronise from the Pictures folder:
    /Users/<username>/Pictures/iPod Photo Cache
  • If you synchronise from the Aperture Library:
    • From the Finder navigate to the Picture folder.
    • Select the Aperture Library archive.
    • Right Click on it and choose Show Package Contents.
    • delete the iPod Photo Cache folder
  • If you synchronise from the iPhoto Library:
    • From the Finder navigate to the Picture folder.
    • Select the iPhoto Library archive.
    • Right Click on it and choose Show Package Contents.
    • delete the iPod Photo Cache folder

This operation will force iTunes to analyse the entire pictures archive and to generate all new copies of the pictures suitable for your iDevice.

In a few occasions I also found useful to proceed the  Rebuild Aperture Database procedure that will force Aperture to reanalyse all the masters of you photo library and regenerate all the preview and thumbnails.

To rebuild the aperture database you need to start Aperture holding the key combination of “Alt+Command” and then confirm the operation, that could take a very long time depending on the dimension of your pictures library.

Hope that this will help you.



iTunes: Understanding the iPod Photo Cache folder




November 4, 2011

How-To Make Lasagna

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STEP 1: Know What You Want

Visualise what you what to make, how you want to make, smell and taste.

Lasagna is all about LAYERS!



  • Pasta: Lasagne leaves (Green, White, Egg-pasta)
  • Bolognese sauce: carrots,onion, celery, minced beef, minced pork, tomato purea, white wine or milk, salt.
  • Parmisan cheese (or some substitute)
  • Besciamelle sauce: flour, butter, milk, ground black pepper, salt and nutmeg.


  • Put besciamelle on the bottom of the tray
  • For 4 times make a layer in this order: ○ Pasta
  • Besciamelle ○ Bolognese ○ Cheese
  • Optionally put a with layer of pasta brushed with a little Bolognese and cheese
  • Cover the tray with foil

STEP 4: Cook the Lasagna!

  • Heat the hove at 180 C while you prepare the Lasagna
  • Put the tray in the oven for about 40′ and
  • When it’ the time run the ‘Knife Test’: if it elide it ‘like a hot blade in butter’ than It’s ready!
  • When it’s cooked remove the foil and grill for 5′

STEP 5: Eat ALL Your Lasagna

Buon Appetito!

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