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December 22, 2011

Australia – 2011 12 17-18 – Fraser Island

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It’s been a week now that I landed in Austral hemisphere. The holiday start flowing in the veins and London is a far memory now.

We left Brisbane around 7 a.m., I was so relieved to abandon that oriole hostel.
It took three hours to get to Rainbow Beach, north of Brisbane, prepare the track we are using for our journey, to be driven on the sand of the Island.

Fifteen minutes later we took the ferry for a ten minutes ride to Fraser Island.
Fraser Island is unique in it’s kind, it an island made exclusively on sand and is held up by the vegetation that thanks to the roots it has been gable to create hills and lakes and river.

All Fraser Island is covered by an amazing rain forest.
There are approximatively 40 lakes spread around the island there is even a creek that flows clear pure water that is drinkable and that apparently takes 2,000 years to com to the surface.

We’ve been walking and hiking through the vegetation and hills and we took a couple of baths in the lakes.

We spend the night in a resort just 5 minutes walk from the beach, there I get closer to Nathan Driver our guide on the Island and to Candy, a very nice German girl that is traveling Australia for a month like I do.
We are following different paths, but we will probably meet agin in Melbourne on the 27th or 28th of December.

In the night the three of use went to the beach to admire the sky and I’ve been amazed on how clear was possible to see the Milky Way all across the sky, I also noticed that the half-moon here is shown in the opposite way than it is shown in the boreal hemisphere.

Te second day of the visit has not been less amazing than the first. We went to visit some nice beaches, Elly Creek and a beautiful lake that will probably disappear in twenty years from now.

Again the pictures will tell you the rest of the story.

Unfortunately on the night I’ll be back the horrible hostel in Brisbane. But it will be only one night before leaving to Cairns and the Outer Great Reef Barrier 🙂

“Two days in Fraser Island, only thing I wasn’t able top shot was the Milky Way”

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