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December 31, 2011

Australia – 2011 12 19-22 – Cairns

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This time at the Xbase Brisbane hostel wasn’t that bad, the room was on a different floor, much cleaner and tighter room, only three of us, me and two girls from germany.

It’s been a nice sleep, with no fear of bedbugs at least.

Easy it was to get to the airport then flying to Cairns.

Just popped out of Cairns’ airport I felt the difference of weather, finally summer, sun heat and humidity. Real tropical weather that brought back to me The same sensations that I had in Catania, Sicily (Italy) a few years ago. It makes difficult to breath, but it makes you feeling you’re on real holidays.

The first approach to cairns was “don’t go for a swim otherwise you’ll be food for crocodiles”.
Also, instead of birds there are bats (flying foxes) on the trees or flying in the sky on the day light.

Cairns seems a bit depressing because the most of the people visiting the town is coming here just to do activities on the surrounding environments like exploring the Rain Forrest or going diving on the Great Reef Barrier. In facts this is exactly what I am here for.

The night at the hostel, waiting for the day after, has been boring, only a few people busy on their own activities.

Then I’ve been for three days and two nights on a diving cruise (what an experience!), there I met some cool people, among them, remarkable are Jan from Germany, Zita and Christian respectively from Hungary and Germany and two sweet girls from Sweden, Amelie and Melina.
I’ll be writing about my snorkelling/diving adventure on a separate post as it worth to dedicate a good space for it.
It is with Jan, Amelie and Melina that I spent my last night in Cairns before flying to Alice Springs where new real adventures have been waiting for me.

“City of Cairns in preparation for the reef barrier”

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