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January 6, 2012

Australia – 2011 12 23-26 – ULURU Safari and Kings Canyon


Although diving in the Great Reef Barrier has been the most amazing experience of this travel ( and together with the Dolomites view from Renon in Bozen, this has been one of the most amazing experience in my life), the ULURU safari has been the most complete, entertaining and fulfilling piece of my journey.

We had a great, involving, caring, knowledgeable guide who wanted us to call him BEAR while his name is Nathan.

Spent three days drinking 1 litter of water per hour, driving almost 500 km per day sleeping 3 hours per night and waking up at 3:30am to go for early morning walks under the sun with 45°C…

We learned a lot, we heard magical stories about aborigines that we are not allowed to tell other people unless take them to the sacred spots of the ULURU, we learnt about the creators.

Now we know that the ULURU is not sacred, but it is like a building hosting sacred areas where there are signs and knowledge that ‘White people’ eyes would not beagle to see but aboriginals do.

We heard the legend of the Aboriginal Woman’s ghost living the camp by the Kings Canyon.

We learnt how the ULURU and the OLGAS geologically formed, and then you think how insignificant the life of human beings is respect the lire of planet Earth.

We where 24 souls crossing the lands of the aboriginals. We where from 8 different countries.
Te magic of Christmas just bound us together like we were at and old friends reunion after a long period away. We danced YMCA, and some Aussy dance with Kangaroos and laces.


We draw camels, koalas, kangaroos..and penguins. We drunk a Fucking Good Port with some serious cigars while checking out Orion and the Milky Way.


We have seen shooting stars… and shitting stars as well (isn’t it Cleo?)

We fought with Red-back spires, wolf-spiders, won against the scorpions, eaten grasshoppers and kangaroo, rode camels, and met meter long lizards, pictured cacatuas and visited the Gardens of Eden.

Did I mention that our bus was driven by Santa?


“Christmas at theULURU and Kings Canyon”

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