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February 13, 2012

Australia – 2012 01 04 – Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Elisa and I at the Taronga Zoo with a koala
Australia is a wild country, still is not easy to spot wild animals if you stick in the cities.

In facts, so far, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet a Koala, and it’s since I was a child and I was watching the animated series ‘Georgie’, getting attached to his koala ‘Lup’, and not to forget ‘Colby e i suoi piccoli amici’ [Colby and his little friends], I always desired to see one.
That is why, after reincountering with my lovely friend Elisa, it’s been decided to spend a good full day at the Taronga Zoo.

We were a bit sceptic at the beginning, Zoos in Europe can be real crap, then we also have the idea that animals in captivity are suffering creatures.
… believe me, that wasn’t the case, after a very few minutes we both recognised that the place we had landed was a paradise for the wild beasts, where they are loved and respected.

Each species had his own environment perfectly recreated adapting to the natural outlines of the hill where the zoo is located; there’s a lot of space for each creature, almost no cages, of course they were all kept in safe and protected environments usually defined by glasses or nets hidden by trees and bushes.
The Peacock
Tigers, lions, seals, kangaroos, elephants, snow leopards, the firefox, parrots of every kind, giraffes, rhinos, polar bears, spiders, stelth insects, a huge varieties of snakes, dragons, lizards and more and more and more… and indeed the KOALA!!!! we had to stop our tour after six hours because we were literally drained!
I believe we drunk something like 3 litters of water each that day, and still we were thirsty at the end.

Enjoy the pictures, and don’t forget to go to the fantastic Taronga Zoo when you go to Sydney!!

“Visit at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney with Elisa”

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