iPad Mini Vs. New iPad (iPad 3): brief comparison

At my advice the iPad Mini is a shrieked version of the New iPad (aka iPad 3), with a very few differences, some borrowed from the iPad 2.

  1. Mostly significant, and brand new:
    1.  THINNER borders design.
    2. mounts Micro-SIM
    3. uses the ‘Lightning’ connector
  2. The weight is almost the half of the New iPad, 308g against 601g.
  3. The screen is NOT retina
    1. same resolution as the iPad 2: 1024 x 768
    2. 168dpi vs 132dpi of iPad 2 vs 264dpi as New iPad
  4.  the process is the Dual-Core A5 (same as iPad 2) vs the Dual-Core CPU/Quad-Core GPU A5X (New iPad)
  5. ..and of course, the dimension is… MINI

all the other features are the same as the New iPad (iPad 3).




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