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May 22, 2013

How-To Add A Reset Button To A Raspberry Pi Model A and B Rev 1

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Here are the instructions to create a Reset Button for your RaspberryPi Rev.1 which can also ‘wake’ the RPi from halt/shutdown state.

RaspberryPI Power Button

RaspberryPI Power Button

While on the new RaspberryPi Rev.2 is present a new set of pin called P6 header that provide a way to implement a reset switch, there is NO such option on the Rev. 1 boards (256MB RAM version released before Sept. 2012), therefore we will have to use the standard GPIO (P1 header) to create our reset button.

This solution do not involve any software, and is based on the concept to short-to-ground one of the GPIO 5V pin, for which you will require:

  • 1 Button/Switch
  • 2 female-to-female pin cable

Assembly procedure:

  1. Connect one of the pin cables to the the P1-02 GPIO pin (5V0 or PIN #3)
  2. Connect the other pin cable to the P1-06 GPIO pin (GND or PIN #5)
  3. Connect the the two pin cables to the button.
RaspberryPi GPIO

RaspberryPi GPIO

Every time you push the button it will create a short between the 5V and the Ground pins of the GPIO and that will cause an hard-reset of the RPi so avoid doing so when the system is running and you can shut it down in a cleaner way.

In case the RPi is shut-down this button will work as a Power-On/Wake switch.

Useful links:
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