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November 4, 2012

Home Automation

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This is a collection of posts and links about gadgets and projects that I would like to see installed or implemented in my ideal house.
I’m currently experimenting with a RaspberryPi and the Parrot PictureFrame to understand and take inspiration about possible uses in house automation.

My personal ideas:

  • Use the refrigerator door as a big touch screen to control the house and check personal information, as well to keep track of the food purchases and consumes.
  • Audio system under the shower for shower singing.
  • Audio/Video streaming to follow you in all the rooms of the house, will use a token to let the house understand who and where is moving (that could be the cell phone).
    I can watch a show while you do your cleanings or while you are in the bathroom.
  • The bathroom mirror to be a touchscreen where to have a look at your personal information, radio and news

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