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January 31, 2010


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This Blog is intended to be a collection point of my hobbies, passions and knowledge.

I will report in different sections about computers, cuisine and ideas raising in my mind.

At the time of this writing there’s not a defined project behind this blog. do not be disappointed by sudden modifications and transformations.

Projects Brainstorming:

  • create a collection of my favorite and most practiced international receipts
  • create a collections of my most used and most useful IT tips and tricks
  • create and publish a unique installer of my favorite and most used windows utilities and software for freshly installed/rescued systems
  • create and publish my personal font type reproducing a purged copy of my handwriting style.. that in paper results very ugly and incomprehensible, but maybe refined in a digital format (that’s my wish and experiment)
  • publish a guide about creating your personal font type

Single room available in West Acton, London

Marco Simoncelli dies on 23rd of October 2011

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