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February 15, 2013

How-To Install an Apple (Wireless and USB) Keyboard in Windows 7

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I recently discovered a new small utility that helps to use a Apple Keyboard and most of its special ‘Fn’ keys with Windows.

This utility is called AppleWirelessKeyboard that you can download from this link:

Despite it’s name (that specifically mentions ‘Wireless’) I found that this utility makes also Apple USB keyboards to work properly.

I have tested it with Windows 7 and a (not so recent) Apple USB Keyboard without a numeric pad.


  1. Create a folder called AppleWirelessKeyboard in
    C:\Program Files\AppleWirelessKeyboard\
  2. Download the AppleWirelessKeyboard.exe utility into the AppleWirelessKeyboard folder.
  3. Create a link for the downloaded AppleWirelessKeyboard.exe to
    C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  4. now you can manually launch the utility and at any following system start-up the utility will be automatically activated.

Please leave comments with your testimonials about what models and what systems the utility is compatible with.


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