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December 21, 2011

Australia – 2011 12 16 – Sea World (Gold Coast)

Before leaving Surfers Paradise I decided to take a look around so I bought the very expensive ticket to Sea World Theme Park, just out a few minutes drive of Surfers Paradise, in the Gold Coast. 80.00 AUS dollars!!! If you like animals it all worth it, believe me.

I had the chance to pet rays, to pictures dolphins, to see the polar bear swimming, attend to a show with performing seals and last but not least I had the pleasure to watch penguins dancing and swimming, not to forget picturing sharks a few centimetres of distance (behind a glass, though).

All of that is better explained by the pictures annexed.
I must say that this was a really entertaining day! Thanks Nev for the advice!

After such a big day I spent my last few hours in Surfers Paradise walking around the street marked… I almost missed the bus to Brisbane.

I have to admit that the hostel in Brisbane was the worst hostel in which I ever slept, they also had bed-bugs and who has lived with me at the Bowden Court in London know I nasty they could be. Fortunately I didn’t have the pleasure the meet them that night.

Next stop, Fraser Island.

“Sea World”

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