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How-To unlock MAGIC-SIM stuck in DUAL-MODE (007) on an iPhone 6

The MAGIC-SIM DUAL-MODE (aka 007 mode) is not working well on any iPhone model. Once activated it will take away the `STK menu` from your SIM Applications list with no apparent way to roll back to normality. At this point … Continue reading

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How-To order a GiffGaff Nano SIM from Nanogaff

Nanogaff is a community-powerds distribution system for GiffGaff Nano SIM cards. This is the link where you can order your Nano SIM: http://nanosim.giffgaffapps.com Here is also the link on how to swap you standard or micro SIM to the Nano … Continue reading

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iPhone Replacement Fees: Express Replacement Service

If your iPhone is or is NOT under warranty, Apple still provides the option to replace the device for specific fees, depending on the model. You will have to pay in any case an ERS Fee (Express Replacement Service fee, … Continue reading

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How-To Fix “Some of your photos were not copied to the iPad, iPhone, iPod because they cannot be displayed on your iPad, iPhone, iPod”

It happens, fortunately not so frequently, that during the Photo synchronisation of my iDevices via iTunes I get an error about the copy of my pictures to my iPad or iPhone: “Some of your photos, including the photo “IMX_xxxx”, were … Continue reading

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How-To legally unlock the iPhone 4 permanently

Listen to me! download mp3 I recently found a company called FoneFunShop that unlock many models of mobile phones and 3G dongles. Among these it also unlocks iPhone 4 from all the countries for £50.00 and iPhone4S for £130.00. This … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.1 update: “Could Not Open the Page, Too Many Redirects”

This morning after upgrading my blog to WordPress 3.1 the front side of my blog suddently stopped working. All my browsers got stuck trying to load www.marcomc.com and Mobile Safari on my iPad and my iPhone was complaining about: “Could Not … Continue reading

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How-To find the List of my Apple Registered Products

Apple has just inaugurated a new support page called My Support Profile that among the usual support services we have been used to see is listing as well the brand new ‘Product Pane’ where it’s possible to register, list, delete and give nicknames to all of your Apple product! Continue reading

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What is the difference between Apple’s AirPrint and HP’s ePrint?

Apple’s AirPrint allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch customers to print wirelessly to a local printer on their wireless network through an embedded OS print function. HP ePrint allows for printing from anywhere in the world from any mobile device to an HP ePrint enabled printer using the HP cloud – that means the customer can attach a file or document to an email and send it to the printer’s individual email address. Both solutions remove the need for drivers or software downloads Continue reading

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What are the username and password to access my iPhone and iPad via SSH?

Listen to me! download mp3 As jailbreaking procedures are now legalised, we can freely speak about jailbroken iPhones. After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad one useful Cydia package that you may want to install, is OpenSSH that gives you access … Continue reading

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Where to download the iPhone firmwares

This is the list of the iPhone firmwares (iPhoneOS, iOS) available up to now. Before downloading it may be better to disable the unzip feature of Safari to avoid the IPSW files to be corrupted. 1.0.0: iPhone1,1_1.0_1A543a_Restore.ipsw 1.0.1: iPhone1,1_1.0.1_1C25_Restore.ipsw 1.0.2: … Continue reading

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