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June 14, 2012

It’s time to change passwords after LinkedIn and have been hacked

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A few days ago LinkedIn service has been hacked and many users passwords have been compromised.

Here there is an article of the Guardian about that:

This is a link to a tool from to check if your LinkedIn password is among the ones that have been disclosed by the crackers: 

It is advisable to check if your LinkedIn Password is among the published ones.
It’s possible that your password has not been compromised BUT it’s not sure if crackers are holding it for future uses, then I advise to change it anyway.

ADDITIONALLY in the unfortunate case that your LinkedIn password is the same for other of your services, it is important that you change the password on each of such services.

It is easy for a cracker that old one of your passwords to guess on which services you have been probably using it: i.e. Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Hotmail, Gmail etc…

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