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Download: (History of) Free Software Foundation In A Nutshell

Here there are the PDF, MP3, M4B (audiobook) and iBooks versions of ‘Free Software Foundation In A Nutshell’ mp3: Free Software Foundation In A Nutshell m4b: Free Software Foundation In A Nutshell pdf: Free Software Foundation In A Nutshell ibooks: Free Software Foundation In … Continue reading

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How-To Configure Wireless LAN on RaspberryPi With Raspbian Kernel 3.2.27+ And Solwise RTL8188CUS WiFi dongle

The configuration of WLAN with a RTL8188CUS dongle on RaspberryPi is quite trivial now. It doesn’t’ rely on esoteric scripts, of manual installation of third-party kernel modules anymore. I’ve been digging the solution for days before, it came alone at the … Continue reading

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How the UNIX system Load Avarage is calculated on Mac OS X and Linux

The Load Avarage values that are shown using the ‘top’ commad or the ‘uptime’ command represent the number of blocking processes in the run queue averaged over a certain time period. An example fo HIGH Load Avarage: load average: 12.54, … Continue reading

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How-To flush the DHCP server lease cache

To flush a DHCP server delete the files dhcpd.leases and dhcpd.leases~ Continue reading

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