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January 12, 2015

How-To unlock MAGIC-SIM stuck in DUAL-MODE (007) on an iPhone 6

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The MAGIC-SIM DUAL-MODE (aka 007 mode) is not working well on any iPhone model.
Once activated it will take away the `STK menu` from your SIM Applications list with no apparent way to roll back to normality. At this point the MAGIC-SIM is practically useless.

The only one to restore the STK menu without the need to use a non-Apple mobile, is very simple by the way, but surely not intuitive (especially because not documented anywhere):

  1. Go to iPhone’s ‘Settings’ application
  2. Enter the ‘Phone’ settings
  3. Edit the ‘My Number’ option: type there 007
  4. The MAGIC-SIM will receive the input and immediately restore the STK menu in the SIM Application list




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