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How-To Add A Reset Button To A Raspberry Pi Model A and B Rev 1

Here are the instructions to create a Reset Button for your RaspberryPi Rev.1 which can also ‘wake’ the RPi from halt/shutdown state. While on the new RaspberryPi Rev.2 is present a new set of pin called P6 header that provide a way to … Continue reading

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How-To Configure Wireless LAN on RaspberryPi With Raspbian Kernel 3.2.27+ And Solwise RTL8188CUS WiFi dongle

The configuration of WLAN with a RTL8188CUS dongle on RaspberryPi is quite trivial now. It doesn’t’ rely on esoteric scripts, of manual installation of third-party kernel modules anymore. I’ve been digging the solution for days before, it came alone at the … Continue reading

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How-To Fix: “regenerate_ssh_host_keys …failed” on Raspbian for RaspberryPi

Listen to me! download mp3 During your RPi boot it may happen that you get an error message like, “regenerate_ssh_host_keys …failed”, such error is generally sign that you SSH service won’t start. That issue showed to me during the second … Continue reading

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