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How-To Create An Encrypted DMG File From Command-Line in OSX

You can create an secure encrypted DMG disk image from the command-line in Mac OS X using ‘hdiutil’, type the following instrcution in the Terminal application: #hdiutil create -encryption AES-256 -fs HFS+ new.dmg -srcfolder /path/to/your/folder Substitute ‘/path/to/your/folder’ with the actual … Continue reading

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It’s time to change passwords after LinkedIn and Last.fm have been hacked

Listen to me! download mp3 A few days ago LinkedIn service has been hacked and many users passwords have been compromised. Here there is an article of the Guardian about that: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/work-blog/2012/jun/07/linkedin-hacking-internet-security This is a link to a tool from LastPass.com to … Continue reading

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How-To backup and restore cydia packages

The following procedure will show you the necessary command-line instruction necessary to backup and restore the list of current installed packages on CYDIA Continue reading

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Resetting the Firewall to the Default Setting in Mac OS X Server 10.6

This recovery procedure requires you to use the command-line interface and must be done by an administrator who has physical access to the server. Continue reading

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Dead Men’s Switch with OS X Server

A dead men’s switch enables a service but allows the administrator a temporary backdoor to remediate a temporary lockout. Continue reading

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